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Since 15/09/2010

University of Surrey “Improving Student Experience” shortlisted for
Public Sector Project of the Year – Techworld Awards

The University of Surrey are one of four organisations shortlisted for the prestigious Techworld Public Sector Project of the Year award. The project highlights how improving software application delivery to students provides a return on investment, and more critically a “return on education”.

The Techworld Awards have firmly established themselves as the major infrastructure and networking awards event in the IT calendar. Recognizing both products and users, the Techworld Awards highlight innovation on all sides of the IT industry.

James Pickett, Systems Analyst at the Univeristy of Surrey said, “The University of Surrey endeavours to enhance the student experience by utilizing Information Technology in order to provide excellent facilities  and world-class teaching and support. Software2 has been an important partner that has helped us to deliver a technology solution for our students and we have benefitted greatly from their expertise in this field. For Surrey Software to be on the shortlist for “Public Sector Project of the Year” is a great achievement for all involved in delivering the self-service software hub to all our staff and students.”

The Public Sector Project of the year is one of the most sought after awards as it recognizes improvements in delivery to staff and customers, or in this case, students. The University of Surrey were able to demonstrate a range of key factors to the success of the project including;

  • Enhanced and continuing improvments to the student experience
  • Increased efficiency at critical times
  • Cost savings and improved decision making
  • Rise in University Rankings
  • Improvement in Environmental Quality

Nick Johnson, co-founder and user community ambassador said “Many of our customers come to us because they are struggling to deploy software like SPSS, MATLAB and ArcGIS on demand, anywhere across campus. What this project shows is that application virtualization can fundamentally change the way in which students perceive the university IT experience. This is critical as universities now face fierce competition to recruit new students. Moreover it improves the quality of life of our customers and delivers real world benefits to our customers and users.”

This year was one of the most keenly contested at the Techworld Awards with thousands of entries from across the world,  “This year's Techworld awards have been the most difficult yet to judge. The standard of entries is higher than ever and everyone who made the shortlist has demonstrated outstanding professionalism,” says the Techworld Editor.

To see more about how Surrey deliver an award winning IT experience watch the video